Mikey did some squats with me and thought it was humorous..

Rang and Destiny having a heart to heart

You can never have enough Rang

leilaniikawai asked: You deserve more attention. R u in hawaii? What island?

Thank you so much :) 

That REALLY means a lot, more than you could know. 

Yes I live in Honolulu right now, but I would really like to get out of here.. haha

thanks again :) 


ffotography asked: Hey! I absolutely love your photography. What kind of camera do use? x

Thank you so much!

I just recently upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark II and I love it!


grabbing the insta shot

for lil d’s first tattoo I must admit it wasn’t too shaby at all 

yesterday I was able to witness one of my closest friends reach one of his goals and do his first tattoo, which I must say was pretty impressive